Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Thoughts/SkyWatch Friday

SkyWatch Friday-Sunset at Epcot

This was taken last year at Disney World, Orlando. We all get lucky now and then. This just might be the best image that I have ever captured. There is almost NO post production done to this and it was taken with a Canon A630 point & shoot camera. My Nikon D80, DSLR was back in the hotel room at the time.
This week has been filled with photos of cars. I did mention that some of the cars deserved
their own post and this pick-up truck is one of them. The paint job on this truck is amazing. Everywhere you look, there is another detail to photograph. Enjoy the details.

Okay, that's probably the last of cars for awhile. I do know of another show in October that is significantly larger than this one. If I make it to Carthage, Missouri for that one, you will truly get tired of the cars long before I get tired of posting them.
Let's close this week with an inspirational song. This week at our church was Vacation Bible School. On Wednesday there were 768 kids and workers! That's right 768! Children learning that Jesus loves them. Enjoy this simple song.


  1. That is a beautiful shot. The truck is nice also.

  2. That is a great shot. I almost always just post pictures right out of the camera except for a crop now and then.
    Great bonus the the car pictures.

  3. Love the sunset, but jealous you were at EPCOT when you got it.

  4. Both the car and the sunset= Spectacular

  5. The sky is beautiful, and the pastels and trees reflect so well on the still river. A nice and soothing view.

    The twin turbos on the Chevy should move with speed, although the paint looks far too nice to temp bad drivers while cruising through traffic...

  6. I seem to recall a similar shot from Epcot you shared a while back, but it's well worth viewing again. Nifty red truck ... perfect for Ruby Tuesday ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. That sunset photo is truly stunning! Great capture.
    Cool truck photo. Ralph and I just went to a classic car show today, and got some good pix for Ruby Tuesday.