Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friday Thoughts and Sky Photos

Storm Clouds Are Coming.
We're headed out to a soccer tournament Friday afternoon, so all I have time for is a photo and a song.  No thoughts.  You probably like it short and sweet anyway.  The song is from the premier group in gospel music today, the Gaither Vocal Band.  The song, It Is Finished.  Enjoy.  See you Tuesday for the final installment of the Ruby Tuesday Lure Tour.  There may also be a very special post later next week.


  1. Layered clouds usually indicate a storm has passed or one is coming. Great capture of them.

  2. The changeable weather is a hallmark of Spring, the beauty of the sun and blue, but alas the warmth and humidity often to conspire to make a storm above. We hope the fury is brief, but accept the weather operates on its own schedule...

  3. I love fluffy clouds. They seem to be rare here. When I see them I know it's time to take my camera on a road trip. :)

  4. Impressive puffy clouds. I hope the rain did not fall.

    Happy weekend!