Friday, April 30, 2010

Skywatch Friday Thoughts

 After the Storm Passes

It seems I've been to busy to have a Friday thought lately.  Hopefully that will change soon.  Spring is here and there is much to do around the house.  I've got a landscape project left over from last summer that I need to complete.  I need to reorganize the stuff in the workshop.  I need a vacation.  I guess the vacation will have to wait.
Last week we did go to Tulsa to see one of our favorite Southern Gospel quartets, Signature Sound.  Earlier this week I found out that there will be a two night concert here later this month.  I got tickets for the Friday night concert, which brings me to the inspirational song or songs this week.  A couple of the groups that will be here are Brian Free and Assurance as well as Karen Peck and New River.  We saw both groups at the National Quartet Convention last September.  Here is a sample of their work for your enjoyment.  Have a great week-end.


  1. Driller: What a neat sky you captured. That was great timing.

  2. Beautiful clouds. Hope you WILL be less busy!

  3. That is a very stunning sky you've got here. Happy weekend!


  4. Love your sky shot. Awesome. Sorry you have so many things to do. I hope you breeze through them quickly so you can take that vacation that you so need.

    Loved both the songs and especially the last one. A real toe tapper.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)

  5. Very dramatic photograph. I hope you enjoy the concert you are going to.

  6. Southern Gospel is good stuff - nice tight harmony. It is sort of Christian Barbershop.