Monday, October 4, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

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As long as we're at the fair with Nana and Papa, we're not really lost...confused maybe, but not lost.


  1. Ah, but they are lovely! So proud you must be, although if my memories are correct (and I believe them to be), grandkids are in awe of their grandparents. I wonder if you keep them grounded - or the other way around??

  2. I was going to say, the seem to be happy being lost lol.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  3. Great rubies.. Now did you find them.. or where they begging for their photo to be taking and post?..LOL
    My Ruby Tuesday link for you

  4. Ralph; The grounding is mutual.

    John: Thank you sir.

    Ornery's Wife: I'm glad you like it.

    Chubsculit: They're happy most of the time.

    Liza: We think they're pretty cool.

    Auntie E: They had NO idea that the sign was behind them.

  5. Driller, wonderful post of your grandchildren! And I love your RT badge!

  6. new badge?
    happy being lost, they're so cute!!!

  7. Adorable!
    What a fun photo!

    Carletta's Captures

  8. Now I'm hungry for a footlong Corndog and a plate of curly fries.

  9. Mary: Thank you.

    Nuts: Lost or not, they're happy

    Carletta: It was a fun day for everyone.

    Travis: They now have a Polish Sausage Corn Dog. M-m-m-m good!

  10. I think you might be confused, the kids not so much!

  11. Hehehe! I like it that they're only confused but never lost. :)

  12. Fun day at the fair, Great photo, the kids are cute!

  13. It's hard to get lost in a bright red sweatshirt like that! Nice! Thanks for stopping by at my RT. Enjoy the day.