Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...Not!

I know, I'm running behind. It's been busy around here, and I've had a few computer issues to slow me down. I don't know exactly when I'll get back on track with the posts that I intend to share with you. At any rate, let's start with the Tulsa State Fair. The first week-end in October was the start of the Tulsa State Fair. We loaded up the grandcrew and took them for a day at the fair. There are lots of things on the midway.

You can have parrots sit on your shoulders.

You can play games and win prizes.

You can go down the giant slide.

Of course, there is no better way to end the day than Disney On Ice!  It was a great show and the grandcrew enjoyed every minute of it.  Well, that's the short version of our trip to the fair.  I've got other photos I'll share a little later, but you get the idea.  We started at 10:00 am and went 'til 10:00 pm.  We headed back to our hotel, had some popcorn, and then got a good nights sleep before coming home.  It was a good day.  But then, any day with the grand crew is a good day.  Well, that wasn't exactly Wordless was it?


  1. Wow! What a fun trip. Great shots.

  2. Wow!! Looks like you had fun! The kids are so cute.. Oh, and Disney on Ice! What a way to end the day. =)

    Anyway, here's mine.. I do hope you could visit back and drop a comment, too. Thanks a bunch!! =))


  3. Looks like a fun day. Those parrots crack me up.

  4. Great photos! State Fairs are the best....

  5. what a fun day. That slide looks like so much fun!

  6. Next time you go I want to tag along. Looks like great fun to me.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

    Wordless Wednesday

  7. Please go visit the following link. I thought of you when I heard it:

    I Can Only Imagine

    Big hug again. :)

  8. So much concentration on their faces as they are playing the game... any big stuffed animals make the trip home?

  9. Awesome! I love macaws! Looks like a fun filled day. :-)

  10. I remember going to Disney On Ice as a kid. That's a fun time!