Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Morning Has Broken

Last week I was on a business trip.  The event I attended was held at the Fountain Bleu hotel in Miami beach.  One morning we had breakfast on the terrace.  It was hot.  It was humid.  It was not pleasant, but the view was spectacular.  I'm not sure if the bit of haze you see in these photos is real, or just the camera lens fogging up.  At any rate, the photo is much more pleasant than actually being there.  At least on that day.  
 For my inspirational song this week, I came across something from one of my favorite groups.  It only seemed appropriate that the Booth Brothers would sing, "Castles in the Sand".  Have a blessed week-end.  Enjoy and my God bless.


  1. The photos are beautiful and I really enjoyed the song. Happy SWF!

  2. My dad used to say, "Life is a series of trade-offs." So you traded hot and humid for a spectacular view!


    Glowing moon and shining stars,
    Venus, Jupiter and Mars,
    Planets swirling round the sun;
    Darkness falls when day is done.

    In the vast and endless sky
    Eagle, wren and falcon fly;
    Over hill and dale they roam,
    Calling cloud and thunder home.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Slice of Sky

  3. Florida is indeed a beautiful place. You captured that beauty quite nicely, but best visited in our winter months. Just saying.

    Love the gospel song. As always.

    Have a blessed rest of the week. :)

  4. Gorgeous sky shots. I love gold in the sky.

  5. It is a beautiful view and what a lovely color. Beautiful skywatch photo. Happy skywatching!

  6. Wow! magnificient! Love the second shot!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)
    ¤ Have a nice and happy weekend ¤

  7. Wow! Spectacular photos! And, at least the air conditioning was just inside the door.

  8. Breakfast outside is definitely overrated in general. But you have some great photos to show fr it. I've often been startled by the difference between what I thought I was photgraphing and how it actually came out.

  9. wow this is fantastic!! Very beautiful and love the color too!


  10. I used to date a fellow in college whose father was part owner in this hotel. He was Jewish and I Episcopalian and it did NOT sit well with his parents or mine. That was in like 1962. This sunrise is magnificent. That second capture awesome. How in the world did you pull it of. It is sheer perfection to my eye. Genie

  11. Now that I know it was humid, I've decided the haze is steam. No wonder people vote for AC. Still it all looks so sublime.

  12. Wonderful photos and song, too.


  13. It's absolutely gorgeous!! The song was very nice. Thanks for stoppin' by~