Monday, July 4, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

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While on vacation in Branson, MO. we spent our first afternoon at Branson Landing.  It is a shopping mall, anchored by one of my favorite places, a Bass Pro Shop.  There are a number of specialty stores and restaurants as well.  One of the specialty stores is the subject of my Ruby Tuesday post.

 Ride MakerZ is kind of like Build-a-Bear for those with a need for speed.  You can take any one of a number of body choices and customize your ride to suit yourself.  You can jack it up with a "monster truck" look or you can give it a full race adaptation.  The bodies start at about $20 and go as high as $40.  You can add, spoilers, scoops, chrome trim, even radio control.  One must be mindful of the budget when building these little rides.  You can drop a $100 bill if you make it radio controlled and add too many custom features.  Still, the results can be pretty cool.

 Here is a pretty cool adaptation of a new Camaro.  Mustangs are also available for  you Ford enthusiasts.

 There is this Viper looking body, for those so inclined.

And for you Pixar fans, there is Lighting McQueen.  Mater is also available in several color options.
If you're still wondering whether or not I built myself a custom Ride, the answer is no.  At least not on this visit.  I'm thinking of something a little more airborne.

Happy Ruby Tuesday all.


  1. One can say 'boys and their toys!'

    My sentiments exactly! I remember building and painting 1:25 car models when I was younger, from a ruby 1940 Ford and up. As a grown up, cool model cars are still fun, RC or not. This is a quite cool selection of amazing toys (including the helo), and the rubies do add speed to them all!

    Happy July 4!

  2. Wow, I opened up your blog and loved your new header. I would love the store but I doubt I would buy anything. I love stuff like that, but I don't have to own the stuff to like it sometimes.

  3. I like your new look. The Build Your Ride store looks like fun.

  4. First let me say Thanks for visiting my blog. Of course I had to drop by for a visit. Your photography is amazing! We were supposed to be in Branson this past weekend but some things got in the way. We'll get there sometime soon though.

  5. that's pretty cool! Send the girls to build a bear and the boys here.

  6. cool toys indeed...and plenty of ruby!