Monday, December 26, 2011

What Do We Do Now?

Christmas is over.  The Christmas Music Marathon is complete for another year.  All of the gifts have been unwrapped, and all of the food has been consumed.  What do we do now?
I'm on vacation the rest of this week, so, at some point the decorations will come down.  I have already started thinking about the 2012 edition of the Christmas Music Marathon and how I might make it better.  First of all, I need to go back and catalog every song that I have posted during the first two marathons, find the very best ones and make sure that they are included in the 2012 edition.  The very last post this year included a photo and scripture.  The photo came from our primary tree.  I think I will be adding more photos and scripture for the 2012 marathon.
Beginning January 2, I am officially semi-retired!  I will be working three days a week.  This will provide some more time for my wife and I to do a little traveling.  We would both like to take a cruise, but we're having some difficulty deciding where we want to go.  It will be either the Caribbean or Alaska.  Oh, we don't have a time frame for it either.
This week will be spent with family.  Christmas week is usually movie week at our house.  We don't see that many movies during the year, but when Christmas week rolls around we will go to the movies several times.  Sometime this week we're going to see Mission Impossible 4 with our daughter, son-in-law and the grandcrew.  New Years Eve we will see War Horse with my sister-in-law and her husband.  We've already seen Sherlock Holmes 2.  It was very good.
2012 will begin with a trip to Dallas, TX and the Cotton Bowl where the Arkansas Razorbacks will take on the Kansas State Wildcats.  We've never been to a major bowl game before, so this should be fun.  Yes, I will have my camera and yes there will be photos posted the following week.
I am actually looking forward to 2012 and my reduced work schedule.  I'm looking forward to spending more time with my wife and family.  I'm looking forward to more fishing and a little more traveling.  So, what does your new year look like?  What do we do now?


  1. I knew that you would have to write one more!

  2. Great on your simi retirement. Life is good indeed. Love your cruise idea. Cruising is awesome.

    I'm going to do what I do every year. Boating and our Hawaii cruise is 24 days from now. We are looking forward to that very much.

    Enjoy the rest of 2011 and may 2012 be your very best year ever. :)

  3. We've never been on a cruise but I think one to Alaska would be amazing especially if the glaciers are calving.

    I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Sherlock Holmes 2. We've been thinking about seeing it and War Horse.

    Enjoy your bowl game experience!

  4. Sounds good Sir...congrats on the semi-retirement...and the plans in the works for 2012...Maybe a visit to Memphis and some Uncle Lou's is now in order!

  5. It has been an age since I came to visit, but Happy 2012, may it bring you peace, joy and abundance! Our 2012 will certainly be different from 2011~ We painted 16 rooms in less than 12 months. Not much left to paint so we will have to come up with some new projects!
    Enjoy your time off!