Saturday, May 25, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I have to admit, I got a late start on the hunt this week.  Growing up in Oklahoma and now living in Arkansas, the storms this week had my full attention.  In fact we were without power from Monday evening until Tuesday afternoon.  The storm systems that moved through Oklahoma found their way across the border and into Arkansas.  There was much less damage here, but there were two tornadoes in the area Monday night.  Okay, on with the hunt.

For our family the word "vacation" means one thing, Stillwaters Resort on Table Rock Lake, just outside of Branson Missouri.  We rent a condo, I take my boat, and we swim, fish, tube, nap, shop, and just enjoy a week being a family.  The grandkids like this place better than Disney World.

 A local farmers market features this little food trailer serving fried to order, mini donuts.   You can order 8 or 12. If you order them dusted with cinnamon, eight will not be enough.  Trust me.

 If you think this little '35 Olds Coupe, with rumble seat, looks good, it "Sounds" even better!  A friend brought it over so we could use it to photograph some Prom pics.  It is one sweet ride.

  To be perfectly honest, everything has some sort of texture, even glass.  I just thought that this batch of mixed lettuce that I found at the farmer's market had an interesting combination of color and texture.  Just a few more veggies, and maybe a little grilled chicken breast and we have ourselves a great salad.

It is Memorial Day week-end, so I thought it only fitting to remember my father, who served in the U.S. Navy during WWII.  While Memorial Day was originally set aside to remember those who lost their lives serving our country, it has evolved into remembering any of our loved ones who have passed away, regardless of the circumstances.  Dad passed away in 2009 and I do miss him often.  He was special in so many ways.  Have a blessed week end.  


  1. The picture of your father is fantastic - thank you for the time he spent serving the US!

  2. Love that Navy picture, a wonderful tribute!

  3. Great set! I can just smell those donuts cooking!

  4. Love your interpretations! Esp. the last one!

  5. Great old car! And yes, I would definitely get 12 mini donuts!

  6. Well done - love the tribute to your dad!

  7. I love your vacation shot. Your grandkids sound like pretty smart cookies to me. We have never taken our son to Disneyworld just because standing in long lines just doesn't sound like much of a vacation to us.

    Great photo of your Dad.

  8. That lake is so inviting! love that shot! So sweet to put your dad's photo in there. Happy weekend to you.

  9. That sure does look like one smooth ride!! My step father was in the navy during WWII also. He died this past September.

  10. Excellent use of the prompts. I remember many loving posts about your father. What a great tribute to him.

    Have a blessed weekend. :)

  11. Looks like a great spot for a vacation.
    Oh those donuts do sound yummy.
    Your are right about texture in everything. I like the colorful contrast of those veggies.
    Cool looking car.
    How special to honor your Dad. I miss mine too.

  12. Your pictures are amazing. :)