Monday, November 18, 2013

Glorious Unfolding

Last night my wife and I attended to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert at our church.  Well, we got to see most of it.  My wife volunteered to help prepare meals for the artists and crew while I volunteered to shuttle them back and forth to the hotel as needed.  Both of us had a great day.  Here a a few images from the concert.

There were three artists, Jason Gray, Laura Story and Steven Curtis Chapman.  They were wonderful.

Jason Gray opened the concert.  This is a really gifted young man with a message.  I got to spend a little time with him and I really like this guy.  You need to listen to and purchase his music.

Jason was joined onstage by Steven Curtis Chapman.  I really liked how all three artists worked together and shared music as a team...not just three separate artists.  It was really enjoyable.

 Laura Story was the second artist and her music comes directly from her life and her heart.  Again, if you haven't heard this young lady, you need to get acquainted with her music.

 The headliner was Steven Curtis Chapman.  He has been in Contemporary Christian Music over twenty years and is still putting out great music with a message.

The tour was appropriately named "Glorious Unfolding".  While that is the title of Chapman's new album, last night was indeed a Glorious Unfolding of music and worship.  Like I said, you need to get to know these folks, so here is a sample of their music.  Enjoy!

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  1. They are very good indeed. It was also nice of you and your wife to volunteer to help them out. Excellent.

    Have a fabulous day. :)