Saturday, November 9, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I Collect
 I have an assortment (collection) of pocket knives and multi-tools.  This represents about half of my stash.  I don't think any of them are particularly valuable or considered collectable to anyone other than myself.  I am particularly fond of the three knives in front.  The first bone handle knife belonged to my grandfather.  The second is a wooden handled knife that was issued by the military to my father, in WWII.  Every soldier/sailor is issued a TL-29 pocket knife.  The third one is my TL-29 that was issued to me during the Viet Nam war.  The only other knife in the collection that has real sentimental value to me is that yellow handled Case knife.  It was my father's favorite knife to carry.  I don't have a favorite knife that I carry every day, but I do carry one from my collection virtually everywhere I go.

 This Bob Timberlake coffee table is the first really nice piece of furniture that my wife and I ever bought.  We purchased it around 1980 along with a couple of end tables.  We have always considered them to be heirloom pieces and will go to one of the grand kids some day.  There is another small collection of archticture related items under the glass top.

 Yep, I have music.  I own over 500 CD's.  I guess that also qualifies as a collection, doesn't it?  Most are Contemporary Christian and Southern Gospel.  There are a number of classic rock and roll along with other miscellaneous artists.  I do love music and I have most of these albums burned to my MP3 player and my computer.  News flash!  I don't own an Ipod.  I have a Zune MP3 player. At the time the Zune was much cheaper and stored 120 gigs of music.  The Ipod never stored more than 64 gigs.  It just seemed like a better deal.  Like BetaMax, the Zune is no longer in production, but mine still works like a charm and I can download from ITunes.


 Yes, I live in a beautiful part of the US.

 Yes, the Autumn colors have just completed their spectacular display.

And yes, I enjoy sharing my world with you.

Someone I Miss

I miss my hero.  Dad passed away nearly 4 years ago and I still miss him.  There is hardly a week that goes by that I don't think about how fortunate that I was to have such a special father in my life.  Obviously, the first photo was taken during WWII when he served in the Navy.  I took the second photo the Easter prior to his passing.  Love you dad.


  1. How fortunate that you had such a good relationship with your father. My parents divorced when I was a toddler and I never knew my father. And yes, you do live in a beautiful area. I may come and visit some time.

  2. You dad passed away four years ago? Yikes I was visiting you back then too. I know how much you love him. I also know how much you miss him.

    Your photography is breathtaking. I tell you that often and it's so very true.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  3. I like your jackknife collection. My dad passed away in 1981 and I still miss him.

  4. I have a few knives as well. None of them with sentimental value I just like knives. Your Dad looks like a really nice guy. Great set of photos Driller.

  5. Enjoyed your set very much.
    Table - That is a lovely piece of furniture. I would have been afraid that the glass would get broken so would not have purchased such a piece.
    I Collect - Great collection of knives. I enjoyed hearing about the ones that you find the most sentimental.
    Music - Ah we have a number of CD's as well. I've never counted how many but it's a bunch.
    Yes - Oh yes you do live in a gorgeous area and yes, I loved seeing it.
    Someone you miss - Your dad was quite a handsome man and he sounded like a great father. I

  6. Oh by golly you do live in a beautiful place, that spot is so lovely I can even hear music playing! I like how you shot each photo. I miss my father too, great photos of him. My daddy was also in the Navy!

  7. What a great collection of pocket knives. Love your taste in music. Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures of your world. I love the waterfall. Love the photos of your dad. So sorry for your loss. I lost my dad 6 years ago, I wish I could have found a decent picture of him for this prompt.