Sunday, December 8, 2013

2013 Christmas Music Marathon - Day 11

This past week has been a very cold, snowy week for the residents of Northwest Arkansas.  We have had freezing rain, nine inches of snow, and the temperature has dipped below zero for the first time in several years.  I must say though, it does put one in a bit of a Christmas mood.  We prepare to spend time with friends and family.  We like to sit by the fire. We like to watch the old movies and we like to hear the classic Christmas carols.  I trust that you and your family are preparing to spend time together this Christmas season and enjoying the gift of family that God has given to each of us.  Families are special people.  I know, some are not easy to get along with.  Others are a bit quirky, and a few seem to be from another planet.  But they're family.  God created each of us and gave us a unique personality and set of skills.  He then placed us in a family.  It is true, we don't get to choose our family.  God chose our family and like all other gifts from the Creator, our family was given to us for our benefit.  Each member of a family can make every other member in the family a better person if everyone allows God to be in control.  That's easier said than done, because natural man has a rebellious spirit and a sinful nature.  There is only one cure for this condition.  God loved us enough that He gave his only Son to die for our sins.  We have to give our lives to Christ by inviting Him into our hearts.  The best gift that you can give the Savior, is your heart.  He will change it and make you a better person than you ever thought possible.


  1. Love Charlie Daniels Band. A. Lot.

    Have a blessed Monday. ☺

  2. Your weather shot is beautiful! Nice family picture with the grand kids. I've never had whip cream with coffee. I'll have to try it.