Saturday, February 8, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday
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 Looking Up 
Like most of the country we've had an unusually cold, snowy, icy winter.  This past week has been no exception.  Thursday I wandered out to a local park that has some small bluffs and rock formations with overhangs.  I found some icicles.  Sometimes the best images occur when you "Look Up" through the ice and into the sun. The large formation to the right is over six feet long.  The ones to the left are about three feet in length.

This drafting light has been in my life for nearly forty years.  It wasn't considered vintage when I purchased it, now I think both of us are nearing the "antique" designation.  The lamp is aging much better than me.  It is proof positive that "they don't make 'em like they used to.  Even the fluorescent tubes are over 35 years old and it still works like a charm. I had to go into storage to get it to replace a reproduction lamp that I bought a couple of years ago and the dimmer switch had failed.  I think this lamp is here to stay.

Favorite Mobile Device
You were expecting an IPad Mini?  Well, I do love my Mini, and I can take it more places with less difficulty, but when I want to really escape into my own happy place, I head for the lake, fire up the bass boat and put the whole world behind me.

Every time it snows in the winter or we get a heavy rain in the spring, it seems like I find myself at this location.  I pick up the camera and head outside to the spillway of a small local lake.  It is an ever changing venue through the seasons and I never tire of photographing it, although I sure some of you are growing a little weary of looking at  these images.  Winter is especially interesting since there is the opportunity for snow and ice to collect on the rocks.  I grabbed this image, as well as the Looking Up image on Thursday afternoon.  More light snow is in the forecast this week-end and next week, so this place will change again in a few days.

On cold winter mornings, when I feel like staying inside, I'll fix a mug of coffee.  I add a little cream and then, just for fun, hit it with some whipped cream.  It just makes everything a little cozier.  Try it sometime.
Well, that's another Scavenger Hunt Sunday in the bag.  Hope you enjoyed the images, but more importantly, I hope you got out and shot some photos of your own.  It's a great hobby and one that you can enjoy for a lifetime.  See you next week.



  1. I got stuck on those icicles. Yikes that cold. I'll bet you'll be glad when you can go fishing again.

    I love your photography.

    Have a fabulous weekend and stay warm. ☺

  2. I like your kind of mobile device. I never tire of your outside pic location either. Ice cream and coffee, hmmm, I can see the possibilities.

  3. Nice view looking up, and what an enjoyable, and lovely capture of your favorite mobile device, as for inside, I adore that town! Have you ever been to Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas? A most lovely adventure is waiting there, so much to do out there, besides absorb it's great beauty.

  4. Great pictures and a perfect choice on your favorite mobile device.
    Oh yes, a little whipped cream on coffee is a real treat.

  5. Great shots. I love your outside photo.

  6. I like your first icicle shot, and like your take on favorite mobile device.

  7. Great set. Those icicles are amazing. We have a bunch hanging off our roof that are pretty big. Loving the shot for the rocks/ice, so pretty.
    Your mobile device looks fun, the coffee looked yummy.

  8. Wow! Those are huge icicles! Great shot

  9. Looking Up is my favorite. I love the icicles.

  10. Gorgeous photos, and your dangling icicles beat mine in double the length :-)

  11. These are all great interpretations. There have been a lot of beautiful icicle pictures this winter. That's about all there is to photograph right now.