Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inspiration Thursday - Wayfaring Stranger

The dictionary defines "wayfarer" as someone who travels from place to place, usually by walking.  While we utilize planes, trains, and automobiles to do much of our traveling today, we still spend a great deal of time placing one foot in front of the other, in order to get around the office, the house, etc.  To most of us the word wayfarer implies wandering aimlessly, without clear direction.  The dictionary doesn't really place the word in that context.  It simply states that the method of wayfaring is usually by walking.  Walking is an ideal methond of travel.  It doesn't cost anything.  It provides us with much needed exercise and it give us the opportunity to truly stop and explore the world around us.
All of us are wayfarers in this life and this life that we live on planet earth is but a milisecond in eternity.  As I walk through this life I have to ask, "Where am I headed?"  "What is at the end of this road that we call life?"  The day that I draw my last breath on this earth I will begin a new adventure that I have spent far to little of my life preparing for.  The instant that I step into eternity I will spend it with the Creator of the universe.  I am not going there because I am a good person, nor because I believe that everyone goes to heaven, because they don't.  I will spend eternity in a place prepared for me by Christ himself because I have admitted that my life is filled with sinful behavior, I believe that Christ is indeed the only Son of the true living God, and I believe that Jesus died on a cross to pay the debt for my sins.  I can never do enough to repay Him for what He has done for me.  Thankfully, I don't have to.
The Bible tells me that this earth is not my home.  My home is with my Lord.  Until the day that the Creator calls me home, I am here as a "Wayfaring Stranger."

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  1. Great post and so very true.

    Loved the video.

    Have a blessed Thursday. ☺