Saturday, August 30, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Books & Details

Back To School
On the last official week-end of their summer, the last thing on the minds of the grand crew was going back to school.  Swimming in a local lake and fishing is all that occupied the mind of the grand son.

This is my wife and I with the grandcrew.  That's about as close to getting the whole family in the photo as we can get unless someone else takes the photo.  My daugher is taking this photo and her husband is assisting her.

I have a collection of books that reflect my interests.  I have several translations of the Bible and numerous commentaries.  I have a number of books on photography and some day they may actually help me become a better photographer.  And, I have a collection of books that reflect the profession that I practiced for over thirty years.  These three books are special in that collection.  Architectural Graphic Standards was considered the bible of architectural details and information.  When I got my first drafting job in 1969 the 5th edition was the most current version.  Several years later the Sixth edition was released, followed by the Seventh.  I think that the Seventh edition was the last release that was widely used.  Computers became the method of drawing and electronic details became the source of information.  I believe that the 11th edition was the last printed version of the book, but you got a CD of the information with it.  I have managed to collect the 3rd through the 9th editions.


Here is an example of the deatils in the 5th edition. They were hand drawn and lettered. They were actually a joy to look at. I would find myself just looking through the book for enjoyment.

Here is some of the same information from the 9th edition.  All of the details are computer generated.  I never opened this book unless it was absolutely necessary.  It was purely for reference.  While the computer drawings were clean and easy to read, somehow, they had taken the soul out of the book.

Last fall my daughter asked me to take some "Senior Photos" of our oldest grand daughter.  This young lady is now a freshman in college and writing the next chapter of her life.  Love her to pieces.


  1. Love your collection of books shown here. My husband, Grant reads an architectural manual like these as if a coffee table book of animals and scenery. And WHAT a beautiful family you have. I love the lack-and-white photo of you and the grands. But the last one of your BEAUTIFUL oldest granddaughter, shows your photographic skills are up there with the best. May you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. Greetings, Jo (Tanzania)

  2. You have a lovely family. Yes you do and you do so much with them. Many grandparents don't.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

  3. Those are nice family photos. I also love reading, everything from classics to science fiction to books on music and musicians.

  4. Great pics and a beautiful portrait to end up. You know, I miss the hand drawn drawings. Even though I had to mess with draftsmen!! I even miss autocad. We use GIS in the pipeline industry and we don't have draftsmen because it is just all "data"

  5. Great selections for the hunt. Your family is such a nice looking bunch. Loved your Grandson fishing. He looks very happy and intent. Gorgeous portrait of your Granddaughter. Your books and the Detail of them are pretty neat. I bet my hubby would enjoy them. He likes to draft stuff too and doesn't really know how to work that stuff on a computer which is pretty much what everyone does anymore.

  6. Oh gees I bet you love them all to pieces, you have a wonderful family! Each picture perfect, and the first one with your grandson fishing, that is the perfect all American summer action! I also like your blog header photo, very cool.

  7. Great set!
    The details in the books are fascinating. I love old books with drawings like those.
    Your have a lovely family too. :)

  8. Beautiful family and portrait photos. Like the older books too.

  9. Almost bought one of those architectural books a few weeks ago at a used book store ; thought it was neat and interesting, but was a bit more dosh than I wanted to spend...looks like it might have been pretty reasonably priced after all given what I just read in your post.
    Good pictures and lovely grand daughter[s] too!

  10. I love the intensity on the grand's face while he's fishing. The family photo is great, too!