Monday, September 8, 2014

Ruby Tuesday Too - Final Rose

Final Rose of Summer
I mowed the yard recently and then decided to photograph a few of the final summer blooms in the planters.  This is a variety of knockout rose and while it is supposed to bloom for a few more weeks, I believe these will be some of the final attractive blossoms of the season.  I love roses, but they are usually pretty high maintenance.  Knockout roses are easy to care for.  The really just require that you prune them a couple of times during the growing season.  They are relatively insect and disease free, tolerate full sun, and will even tolerate my inconsistent watering habits.  


  1. They are beautiful too. I always hate to see all the color leave, but I so welcome the cooler weather.

    Have a fabulous ruby Tuesday. ☺

  2. The final days of summer when the days are warm and dry and the evenings start cooling off seem to bring out the best in roses.