Saturday, September 13, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Too Cute

This week found me at one of my favorite local flea markets browsing for something that one of our grand daughters requested, but I am having a terrible time locating.  That's another story for another day.  What I did find was three of the prompts for this week, so I'll do them first.

You just never know what you're going to find in a flea market in Northwest Arkansas.  These are stripes, pin stripes to be exact.  They are not the world famous New York Yankee pinstripes.  These belong to the Toledo, Mud Hens!
One of the booths was packed with western gear.  No rhinestone cowboy stuff here.  This is real, honest to goodness ridin' & ropin' stuff.  Most of it looked too new to be true flea market finds, but I's sure someone does their shopping here.
Too Cute
I have to admit, I don't normally do "cute".  It really doesn't wear well on me.  However, when I saw this toy rocking horse, SHS was the first thing that I thought of.  He's only about 8" tall and I'm pretty sure this qualifies as "too cute".  Am I right?

Just a short trip back into the archives finds me at our Alaskan cruise.  It was the trip of a lifetime and I'd do it again in a minute.

This painting can be found at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.  I fell in love with this piece the first time that I saw it and it remains my favorite painting in the collection.  There is a new exhibit opening next week, I plan on attending.  If photography is allowed, I'll give you a tour.  That's all for this week.  See  you next Sunday.


  1. I had to laugh at the mud hens. That what we call someone that falls into the water. Med hens.

    Love all the shots and I think you need to plan another cruise.

    Have a blessed weekend. ☺

  2. That rocking horse is too cute. I like that painting too and the shot of the ship on the water is stunning.

  3. Great idea for stripes and I j so agree the rocking horse is cute!

  4. The flea market sounds awesome! I've heard amazing things about that museum!

  5. You and I share the favorite painting. I love the stripes. Interesting baseball jerseys and you know Saddles, bridles, leads, halters, and such are always good photography subjects. And I don't do cute much either.

  6. Flea markets are great places for photo finds too. - Can you imagine playing for a team called the "Mud Hens!" What a funny team name.
    Oh a trip to Alaska sounds awesome. My hubby has always wanted to do a cruise there.
    I did think the Rocking Horse was cute.
    The art piece you like is very neat. So what is it about the painting that you like. I thought the lanterns were really pretty.

  7. Love this weeks photos--
    and today first one of the baseball shirt is just great--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  8. I do like that painting. The striped baseball shirt is interesting. The Henryetta, OK sports teams used the name Hens at one time. They got a lot of ribbing over it. They've changed their name several times trying to get it right,

    1. My mother and my aunt were Henryetta Hens. I was born in Henryetta, but we moved to Tulsa when I started to school. I do remember that they changed their name to Knights in 1989. Troy Aikman was a Henryetta Fighting Hen.