Monday, October 27, 2014

Ruby Tuesday Too - Crimson King

This Crimson King maple is in our yard and it's foliage has put on it's bright fall coat.  While this tree is pretty and the leaves are lovely to view, the real show is on the ground.  That's right, take a walk through the leave that have already fallen off of the tree and see what the lens will find.

 The subtle colors and textures in the leaves are truly a show all by themselves.  You can even crop them to a square image like these, print them, frame them, and use them as fall decor in your home.

 Just add water.  There is nothing like a little rain to intensify the colors of any foliage.  Cloudy skies and a little mist are a photographers best friends when capturing detail images of Autumn.

Back the lens up just a bit and you get a collage that only nature could paint.  So, the next time your out on your fall foliage tour, don't forget to look down.  There is a show on the ground that you might be missing.  Happy Ruby Tuesday.


  1. Wow, these shots are so vivid. The colors are awesome and your photography is even better.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Those shots of the leaves on the ground are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the tip.

  3. We just had a gnarly wind storm pass through over the weekend. We spend some time yesterday afternoon between football games looking at all the colors spread out on the ground from all the leaves that were blown down. They were soaking wet, but we could still see the vibrancy. Autumn is awesome.

  4. Great images Driller. I'm not normally a leaf photographer but you are showing me the possibilities.

  5. Lovely fall foliage, but I thought we were gonna be talking about some ProgRock from the title... ;)
    My best friend just returned from a little 4 day mini vacation in your neck of the woods and his first comment was on the beautiful colours this year over there.