Sunday, September 27, 2015

Friday Night Lights 2015

Although the season is 4 weeks old, Friday night I made my first trip to the local high school football game with my camera.  It was the first game of the conference season.  The local team is very good.  In fact they are the back to back defending state champions and they are now 4-0 this year.  In our community senior citizens get free passes to all high school sports and that makes for some cheap entertainment.

When you're the back to back defending state champions, you can count on a lot of fan support.  It really makes for a fun evening when the stands are full and the home team is playing well.

The band is a must for the right Friday Night Lights atmosphere.  Our band is 380 strong.

Of course the cheerleaders and pep squad are in full force to keep the fans on their feet and cheering the team on to victory.

 But Friday Night Lights is all about the game.  In this image No. 86, of the home team, is about to catch a touchdown pass.

 Here, another home team player is on his way to the endzone.  This touchdown really put the game out of reach. At this point the score was 28-14.

While they struggled some in the first half, the local team defense made all the right adjustments and shut the visitors down in the second half.  A 14-14 score at the half became a 42-14 blow out when the final whistle blew.
I love high school football.  It is a great way to spend a Friday evening.  We're going to miss a couple of home games due to other events that we have committed to attend, but I will keep track of the team with my cell phone app.  If you are looking for a fun time on a Friday night, find a high school football game to attend.  You won't regret it.


  1. This is indeed fun and I've done this many times. Not anymore, but I've gone to my share of Friday night high school football games. It is great fun.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. It looks like a packed house. The other two in my family don't care a thing about football but the kid is in the choir and they are going to sing at the homecoming game coming up. So maybe I'll get to watch at least some of the game.