Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Inspiration Thursday - Up Close & Personal

Last week shared an image of a foot bridge from my walk in the woods. The fall colors were just beginning to peak and the leaves were starting to cover the forest floor. If you stop and examine the details of the changing season, you can see life springing from death. Here, a fallen tree, that has literally turned black supports at least two varieties of fungus. Where we can only see death, there is actually life in abundance. If we were to examine the internal structure of this woodland corpse we might find a multitude of insects that call it home and contribute to the decomposition process. One day this lifeless trunk will be completely decomposed, turned into dirt and become the soil that supports the food source for yet another generation of forest plants. Out of the decay will rise a new creation. When we acknowledge our sinful behavior, our need for salvation, and that Christ is indeed the Son of the living God. When we are willing to ask for forgiveness, and invite Christ to become the Lord of our lives, by His grace He will save us and out of the decay, we will become a new creation. There is nothing greater than grace. Have a blessed day.


  1. Out of decay there will be life. It's part of the circle of life.

    Loved the video.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Just stumbled into your blog that's to Wordless Wednesday- your blog is so very thoughtful Thanks!