Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Passion for Dance

Saturday afternoon I hooked up with our middle granddaughter so I could photograph her in her dance gear. I have photographed all of the grandcrew playing on their sports teams, but dance competitions do not allow photography of any kind, except to the guy that they pay to photograph everyone and then sell the images to the eager dance moms and grandparents in the lobby of the event. The only way I can get images of our granddaughter in dance gear is to meet her at the dance  studio and have a photo session. Here are the results.

One of the walls in the studio is done in a graffiti theme so let's start with that.  Once I got the images home I realized one thing.

I love these images in black and white. Strip all of the color away and focus on the form and the mood of the image. There are times when color just gets in the way.

A little stretching is in order before we really get down to the business of dance and photos.

Long arms and legs create some very nice lines. Again, color would just be a distraction.

Ballet has always been her favorite dance form and she has gotten very good at it. She is hoping that it will lead to a scholarship that will help pay for her college education. She's only a sophomore, so there is still time to get better.

One final leap and we're done.


  1. She's beautiful and she looks very graceful. A fine combination for ballet.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. So lovely! Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday!

  3. Great photos and I agree with Sandee very graceful :-)

    Have a dancetastic day :-)

  4. Wow. She's amazing. What beautiful lines. And she's lucky to have such a loving and supportive grandfather. Happy Sunday to you both.

  5. Great job and kudos to you and granddaughter. You probably got better pics than you could have at an event anyway. I have yet to get a decent photo of son at his singing recitals.