Sunday, October 9, 2016

Awe...some Mondays

I have admit that Autumn is my favorite time of the year. There is a nip in the air, the leaves explode into a myriad of colors and sports photography opportunities abound. Our youngest (if you call fifteen youngest) granddaughter is playing soccer in a co-ed league. She is preparing to try out of the high school soccer team next spring.
Her first goal of the match came mid-way through the first half. She is 5'-8" and deceptively fast. When she gets those long legs into full stride, she is hard to defend. Oh yes, she's No. 6 in the light blue jersey.
 Her second and final goal of the contest came in the second half. Once again she has gotten by the defender and has a clear shot at the goal. It was a frustrating night for No. 3 in white.

I have always thought that soccer was the best game for young kids. At the ages of 6-8, all a child has to do is run and kick a ball and what healthy 6 year old can't do that. Other sports require more skills in order to be proficient and kids sometimes get frustrated when they are a little slow in developing those skills. While the skills necessary to be really good at soccer take time and practice to learn, running and kicking a ball is all that is required to get on the field.
 While I have major concerns with the "Travel Sports" programs, in which parents are trying to relive their dreams through their kids, I think that every child should try to play a team sport. Obviously, team sports teach teamwork, but the kids can also develop friendships that may last a lifetime.

 Kids learn to communicate and support one another. Something that is severely lacking in our society and something that social media will NEVER accomplish.

Of course there is the obvious benefits of exercise and just being outside. Get your kids out there and let them have a blessed childhood!


  1. How cool. Having your head stuck in a android is far less fun than being in a sport of some kind. I so enjoyed sports when I was in school.

    Have a perfect Awesome Monday. ☺

  2. Great pics, I agree that soccer may be the sport for younger kids to play because it is all about the running and kicking. (Not that I know a thing about the sport). Also agree that being on a team is important to learn about being part of something bigger than yourself.

    Take care Driller!

  3. Great pics! Being on a team can be a beautiful thing.

  4. You always have such awesome action shots!