Tuesday, October 25, 2016

First High School Homecoming

Our youngest granddaughter is a high school freshman. Yesterday I posted images from the homecoming football game on Friday night. The homecoming dance was held on Saturday evening. Many of the kids gather at various popular places around town for photo opportunities. The oldest and most traditional place is at Bogle Park. We got there about 4:00 p.m., took a few family photos and were done by 4:45. Here are some of the images.

This turned out to be everyone's favorite image of Lexi. There is always a sparkle in those  eyes.

 Of course you have to have one photo with all of your friends.

After all of the traditional homecoming photos are taken, it's time for the family to take advantage of the opportunity to get a few image for the family album. Here they are.

Let's start with one good image with mom and dad.

Now let's add the siblings. Little brother looks thrilled to be there.

 Don't forget Nana & Papa! 

And the first homecoming photo shoot is in the books.


  1. Hello, Mr. Driller...your photos are so good. and your grandgirl is beautiful. So glad you have all these good photos. We have 7 of these beautiful things..and only one left in high school...the other young ones are in Texas Tech, right here close. :) The older ones are married and with our great-grands. We take lots of pictures around here, too. :)

  2. oops...and meant to add that your Autumn blog dress is looking mighty sharp...

  3. Awww, these are great shots of the family. Great shots.

    Have a blessed day and rest of the week. ☺

  4. Oh how sweet. They look like a fine group of young ladies.