Saturday, July 3, 2010

Queen of Cakes

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I know, I know...this isn't quite as Ruby as most of my Ruby Tuesday posts, but use your imagination.

Duff Goldman may be the "Ace of Cakes", but "M" is our Next Food Network Star.  The ten year old, middle grand daughter is a foodie!  She watches the Food Network constantly.  She loves the "Food Network Challenge" shows, especially when they involve cakes.  Last week "M" wanted to make a cake for her mother's birthday.  Nana was more than a willing teacher.  "M" came out to the house one evening and they searched the internet for a cake design suitable for the occasion.  "M", with Nana's guidance, proceeded to design the decoration for the cake.  Nana baked the cake.  Then, "M", again with coaching from Nana, cut out all of the decorations and placed them on the cake to match her design.  Our daughter was overwhelmed by the results.

"M" already has two more orders for birthday cakes.  Her younger sister and little brother, both want her to make their birthday cakes later this year.  Come to think of it, I may have her make my birthday cake as well.


  1. M can make my cake anytime. Is she taking orders?

  2. M is a natural star, the talent, the desire, the smile, the supporters... Yea!!

  3. I'll tell you what. We'll be seeing "M" on the Food Network before long. She has the touch.

  4. Way to go. That cake looks awesome and I'll bet it tasted yummy. She's going places, but you already know that.

    Have a terrific week. Big hug. :)

  5. Rubies are red, or derivations of red. Orange, purple or especially pink are perfectly acceptable as rubies (I have taken the same liberties :>)

    The cake maker added the always special ingredient of love to her work, These are beautiful rubies!

  6. I love Duff and I think he should hire her!
    The cake turned out beautifully.
    She's a talented and lovely young lady.

  7. Good stuff, and Ruby enough for me!
    I have a gRand daughter that loves Ac e of Cakes too! She records every episode and watches. I wonder if the producers know these younger gals are their market??!!


  8. I was an absolutely wonderful birthday gift just like everyone has comment it was made with lots of Love!!! I could not have asked for anything better.. Although photoshop 8 is is second..Thanks DAD!!

  9. Looks like a future food network star. Beautiful cake, she is talented. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  10. Oh boy....what a cake! And such talent. And I hafta add she has the most beautiful smile!

    Mine is: a ruby antique. Do come over for a visit if you can today. I'd love your company.

  11. stopping by from ruby tues
    Wow. she made a fantastic cake.
    massively out standing.