Thursday, July 15, 2010

Skywatch Friday Thoughts And More...

The sky isn't always filled with interesting clouds or incredible colors for a Skywatch Friday. Sometimes, love is in the air.

On the 4th of July the entire family went to our local city park for the fireworks display.  We arrived several hours early because there were other activities scheduled for the entire afternoon.  All of a sudden we look up to see this plane overhead with a banner trailing behind.  "What did it say?", you ask.  Here you go.

Proof positive that there are still a few romantics left on the planet.  I just hope he didn't spend all of his money on this and has nothing left over to buy the rings!  Then again, I hope she said yes.

This week my inspirational video comes from one of my all time favorite Christian groups....NewSong.  I've been listening to these guys for thirty years!  NewSong started as a contemporary Christian quartet.  Over the years they have added and subtracted instruments and vocalists. Two of the original founding members are still in the band. They are still making music that glorifies God and honors our Savior.  This song speaks to everyone of us.  We all need to be rescued at some point in our lives.  Spiritually we need a savior and Christ alone is worthy of rescuing us from the judgment that we truly deserve.  So, I give you NewSong and "Rescue".  Enjoy.


  1. great capture on those and I do hope that she did not miss seeing it.......

    Christina, Sweden

  2. What a romantic way to ask someone to marry you. I too hope she said yes. I'm sure she did.

    Love the gospel song for this week. You do know how to pick them.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)

  3. Nice idea...great shot

    Enjoy the weekend Sir

  4. What a great capture - and I hope Olivia said yes. Thankyou so much for the welcome to Skywatch.

  5. Ciao,
    ah ah ah, spero anch'io che Codys abbia ancora denaro per comperare gli anelli !!!
    Bellissima trovata d'amore !!
    Le foto in questo blog mi piacciono molto... Bella tua figlia e la torta sarĂ  stata sicuramente deliziosa !
    Grazie della tua visita.
    Felice sabato :-))