Thursday, July 22, 2010

Skywatch Friday Thoughts

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This is downtown Houston as viewed from the Convention Center.  I was there on business at the end of June and took this opportunity to capture the skyline.  It serves to remind me why I prefer to life in a small town.  I love the architecture of big cities, there's just too many people for my comfort zone.

Often the trials of life take us out of our comfort zone.  We have a couple of friends that are experiencing difficult days ahead because of loved ones that are battling disease.  In the end, the disease will take someone's life, but it doesn't have to win the battle.  For the Christian, the battle is already won, and there is victory over the grave.  While we are here, we are promised that God will take us through the fire.  He will never leave us, and one day we will step into eternity and into the waiting arms of our savior.  So, for the inspirational song this week, I present the Crabb family and "Through The Fire".  Enjoy.


  1. I'm not much for the big city either. For the same reason too.

    I love the gospel song as always. Words to heed. It's tough to do, but something we need to heed.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. Great capture! Love the gospel song too. Happy weekend!

    SWF~Half moon

  3. I love cities..but I also love small towns...

    as always grand music

  4. Nice cityscape shot Driller! I grew up in the city but now I live in the country and love every minute.

  5. Cities are nice places to VISIT. LOL