Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Christmas Music Marathon Day 26

Several years ago I found this wreath at Walmart for five dollars.  It is made out of mylar on a plastic frame.  It was fun, festive and cheap.  So, I bought it and took to the office where it has adorned my door for the past few Christmas seasons.

Well, if you have followed this blog for the past couple of weeks,  you know that my wife can make a wreath that will put this to shame.  And since she has already made several wreaths for friends and co-workers, I decided that my office door needed a new look.  I informed her that my little mylar decoration wasn't going to cut it this year and I needed something nicer.  I got what I asked for.
Now that's a wreath for the season.  Thank you dear.

Christmas Music Marathon


  1. Your wife is talented and then some. She must stay pretty busy doing this. She could make a really good living at it too. Just saying.

    I like both the videos today and especially the last one. That was most delightful.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Your wife created a stunning replacement for your original wreath! She is so creative with a great eye for colour and style!

  3. Your wife did a beautiful job, it's lovely.

  4. She's awesome. What a great wreath.