Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Music Marathon Day 22

Sometimes God just stops you in your tracks with His creative work.  Every morning He starts our day with a sunrise.  On the Florida coast the results can be spectacular.
The thought of His perfect plan for our salvation and an eternal life spent in His presence should be enough to stop us in our tracks and give Him thanks for His mercy and grace.  We often believe that somehow we are going to heaven because we are good enough.  We haven't committed a major crime, we give to charity, we love our wife and family, we even treat our neighbors with honor and respect.  Compared to others, we believe we're pretty good people and good people go to heaven.  The truth is, good people don't go to heaven...redeemed people go to heaven.  We are redeemed through the gift of God's only Son and His shed blood on the cross.  We are redeemed by that little baby.  The very thought of this method of redemption stops us in our tracks and forces us to make a decision to accept this gift from God or to reject it.  May the gift of Christmas find a home in your heart this season.  Merry Christmas.


  1. Wow, that Florida sunrise just jumps right out you. I so remember those sunrises. Beautiful to say the least.

    Love the videos today, but you're not surprised. I'm surely your biggest Christmas Marathon visitor.

    Have a blessed day. :)

    1. You are obviously my most visible visitor. I do know that I have a couple of "lurkers". They visit, listen, but never comment. I truly do appreciate your support.

  2. What an amazing capture. I agree with you, Florida sunrises can be spectacular.

  3. A beautiful image and a gorgeous sunrise. Happy Skywatching!

  4. Nice shot!!

    I love "That Little Baby"

  5. Though not a Christian, I certainly love and appreciate the magnificent beauty of Nature, as well as the skill behind this glorious photo! Really gorgeous, thank you for sharing it and have a lovely Christmas!

  6. Beautiful is not a strong enough word for your photo or the message. Thanks!