Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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I have found a "new to me" meme that I thought I would try. It's called Scavenger Hunt Sunday. The rules are pretty simple. There are five categories provided each week and the challenge is to post a photo that is appropriate to each category. There are some gifted photographers  participating in this exercise and there are those of us that are not so gifted, but enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  This week the categories are, Basket, Park, Auto, Recycle, and People watching. So here goes.

 My first thought of the word basket was who sells more baskets than Pier 1?  Nobody!  When I walked into the store I found the usual collection of baskets for home decor.  Then I spotted these.

This probably isn't the image that most if you conjure up when you hear or see the word "park", but I thought that there would be hundreds of photos posted of pastoral scenes with children and families enjoying time together, so I decided to make a different statement.  You have to be a special person to park here.

 There are a couple of classic and street rod car events in our area each year.  They provide a wonderful opportunities to capture images of beautiful Detroit wheels from the past.

This small "bachelor's chest" and chair were re-purposed by my wife and I for our grand daugher's bedroom.
The chest was mine when I was a teen  and the chair was in my parents living room for many years.  My wife made a new slipcover, we refinished the chest and gave both pieces new life.

 People Watching
When I have my camera, people watching is my favorite pastime.  Some of the best places to people watch are farmer's markets, craft fairs, county fairs, kids sporting events, parks, busy city streets.  Keys to success are a good telephoto zoom lens and keep some distance between you and your subject.  The best way to describe it that I have heard is, "If you're in the shadows, you are invisible."

Well, this was a bit of a challenge, but I found it interesting and I think I will probably do it again.


  1. How fun. I like this meme as it makes you think and then do some work. Very well done.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. All good. Like considering 'park' as a verb...

  3. You did an awesome job Driller. They are all fantastic. I love this meme too. I just found it last weekend. I still have one photo left to take and then get my post ready.

    I love the Vet., the car is fabulous and your recycle is very lovely! Great post!

    Happy weekend! :-)

  4. Nice post, Your Car and People Watching photos are wonderful.

    I have over 27,000 photos on flickr and not one tagged Basket or Recycle so I had to scramble.

    I really like Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

  5. Your last photo is the best !!!!! Very beautiful !

  6. I really like your collection! The last three are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  7. You did a great job with the prompts this week and showed your creativity. I love your recycled pieces. Your granddaughter is pretty lucky to have them.

  8. I am so glad you joined in the scavenger hunt. Your choices are fantastic; I especially like your people watching shot.

  9. Welcome! I am loving that Chevy, but my favorite is your People Watching photo. Great job!

  10. Welcome to SHS! it's always nice to have new participants. I love the beautiful red AUTO. AND, your novel thoughts about PARK. You are correct, being creative leads to more photo options & thinking outside the box. The picture of the girl running (where you place 1st) is that your granddaughter? very nice...

  11. Great set of shots!
    That recycled furniture is SO divine and your people watching image captures so much without any words!

  12. Nice job. Pam loves those shopping baskets with the wheels. And that photo of the gentleman is outstanding.

  13. Great shots! Love those baskets. And the people watchings is so crisp and full of emotion.

  14. Glad you decided to join in and share your great pictures. I always have such fun seeing how other people have interpreted the prompts (especially ones that stumped me)
    I love the recycle shot, what lovely work you and your wife did on that dresser and chair.

  15. I love all the photos, but specially the car one, ant the recycle ♥