Friday, January 25, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday was a challenge this week.  There isn't much lace to be found around our house and I don's have any good sources.  Bling was a bit interesting, but I decided to go a little outside the box (maybe not) for that catagory.  However, wood, fabric, and fuzzy were available.


 Fabric was the easiest categoryAs an architect, with interior designers on staff, we have a room full of fabric samples.  Take your pick.

  During the Christmas holiday this rustic Santa stands next to a very rustic tree that is adorned with ornaments that celebrate the outdoors.  His beard is very fuzzy, don't ya think?

 This little New Testament has a wood front and back.  It came from Jerusalem and the wood is olive.  It was printed in the mid 1930's and was a gift to my great aunt, from one of her students, in 1936. 

You have to go to a horse show and riding competition to understand that half of the show is all about the bling.  The horses are sporting saddles that are adorned in silver while the riders have outfits with more bling than Robert Redford in "Rhinestone Cowboy".


 Technically, I don't believe either one of these qualifies as lace.  I know for sure that the first photo is a piece of crochet.  I think the second is also a type of crochet, only with a finer thread.  This type handiwork was extremely popular in the 1920's to mid 1940's.  You could find bed spreads, table decorations, pieces for arms and back of chairs.  My grandmother used to crochet all of the time.  Some of her work looked very much like the first piece.  See you next week, or come back anytime. 


  1. Great post Driller,

    Lace was the hardest thing for me,(My post is coming on Saturday afternoon) but I love your examples even though they may not techically lace. I remember my older relatives houses in Idaho, South Dakota, and Connecticut, having doilies on all the chairs and such. Do people do that any more.

    And of course as an architect you would deal with people who work with fabric.

    I love the Ozark Santa.

    The wood Bible is certainly a wonderful treasure.

    And anybody who brushes up against western culture understands the importance of bling.

    All in all a great post Driller.

  2. I think the tablecloth does qualify as lace - at least thats what my Grandma called hers. Like the 'bling' too.

  3. I think you did a great job with this weeks prompts. Good for you.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

  4. They are all really really good. I love your take on Bling and wow that Bible is incredible! Hummm...I didn't think about the difference in lace and crochet. My mother crocheted all he time too.

    But, you can't get something crocheted without knitting together all of the thread. See it works.

    You did great as always. I am running behind. I had to leave and go into town. I will have mine posted later today!

    Happy weekend!

  5. Wow! Love that Bling!
    Making lace is called Tatting. I think it is like crocheting, but with a much finer thread. Amazing the skills our grandparents had! I can barely sew on a button.
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. I consider crocheting a form of lace. My grandma always referred to the doilies she made as lace doilies! Love that Bible too - the olive wood has a great significance to it!

  7. Great collection. Nice pictures.

    Happy Sunday

  8. Love your images, Driller...I would love to see that collection of fabrics!

  9. I love your interpretations! Bling is my favorite. I really like the perspective.

  10. Tht's definitely a lace tablecloth - at least it is in my house. I could fit in at those western shows - I would love to have a bling shirt like that. Nice shots.

  11. What a fun set of pictures! I think your lace totally qualifies!!! What an awesome wood Bible that is very unique :-) Thanks for the comment on my site!

  12. Ah yes, the bling and show of western competitions. I love them. It is almost more fun to watch the riders than the actual events. Great shot!

  13. So many great shots. But I love that bling..

  14. Great set. I liked your bling shot!

  15. Love your fabric samples in that first shot. Your bling shot is awesome too!

    I actually know how to crochet doilies, but it is not something I get to do very often with three young kids!

  16. what a guy! I don't know that my husband would know the different between lace or crochet. Well, your choices were perfect. Those a cool samples of FABRIC - are they upholstery or sunbrella?

  17. Good job on gathering this week's words. Cool fabric samples and I do believe that the last two items qualify, perhaps not lace per se, but certainly in the spirit of lace.

  18. Great set! I love the bling!! Beautiful Bible! My sister has one very similar!

  19. These are all great interpretations. Loving your take on BLING!

  20. Wonderful finds!! Love your Santa, the blingy cowgirl, the wood bible - I'm telling you, they're all good! :)

  21. Oh I loved your pics. Especially the bling. I almost posted Blue Ribbons on barn doors as bling! Come by and see me! It was nice to meet you. I enjoyed my visit.
    Have a wonderful week,

  22. Thank you for stopping over at my Scavneger Hunt collection. Love your fabric shots. :)

  23. Great set of pictures. Nice to have another Guy posting.

  24. I say that sometimes close enough is good enough. So you lace photos qualify for me.