Monday, January 6, 2014

Ruby Tuesday Too

It is my understanding that the Farmer's Almanac predicted that the winter of 2013-14 would be long, hard, and cold.  So far, the winter in Northwest Arkansas has been exactly that.  We have had ice, snow, and sleet.  We've had more cold weather since December 1, than I can remember in the last five years, and this week will be the coldest yet.  Sunday we got 2"-4" of snow and the temperatures plummeted into single digits, with wind chills well below zero.  The result was that my photography was limited to pointing the camera out the window at the bird feeders on our deck.  At one point, I counted 15 cardinals on two feeders and in the surrounding trees.

Standing Room Only, Reservations Suggested


  1. We are down in the teens here in north Mississippi with single digits predicted for tonight. But thankfully the rain stopped as temps hit freezing yesterday, so no sleet or snow.
    Love your cardinal photo. Lots of cardinals here, too. They are keeping us busy filling feeders (black oil sunflower seed), and we put out extra suet for the woodpeckers. Lots of smaller birds - pine siskins, sparrows and others unidentified - here, too. And squirrels! Very bold coming to the bird feeders with the dog chasing them!
    Stay in, stay warm, stay safe!

  2. And we are having a very mild winter here. The temperatures should only get in the 40s but they are in the 60s almost every day. In fact it's warm in the afternoons here. We've also had no rain so we are looking at drought conditions. Not good.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. «Louis» wonders if you are planning to go to D.C. to get some photos of the yellow-bellied sapsuckers that are commonly found on Capitol Hill?

  4. Nice group of photos. I love your photos of the ice. We didn't get quite that much over my way. I like the bell. You really should do that post about your aunt.