Thursday, January 23, 2014

Skywatch Friday

Some days the sunset reminds me that God can take the most mundane landscape and turn it into a glorious event if only for a few minutes.  However, He can take the most undeserving of us and turn us into eternal saints through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Many people don't believe that there is a God.  Others believe that, if there is a God, they don't really need His assistance because they have done nothing to deserve judgement.  There are those who have given up.  They believe in God, but they believe that their life is such a mess that God wants nothing to do with them.  The truth is, God has a desire to have a relationship with each and everyone of us.  He created us.  We are precious in His sight.  The apostle Paul counted himself among the chief of sinners, yet he wrote over half of the New Testament.  Prior to his conversion, Paul spent his time persecuting the church.  He was instrumental in putting many Christians to death, yet God had a glorious plan for Paul's life.  Paul saw the truth in the resurrected Christ and repented.  He turned his life over to the Savior and Christ turned Paul's life into a testimony of righteousness.  If God wanted a relationship with Paul, after all that Paul had done wrong, He certainly wants a relationship with you and I.  Paul met Christ on the road to Damascus.  Christ saved him and put him on the Glory Road.


  1. What a fabulous shot. Wow.

    Loved the video.

    Have a blessed weekend my friend. ☺