Sunday, December 7, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 2014 Christmas Music Marathon - Day 10

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Joy

Thanksgiving is over and it's time for the season of Joy!  This week Ashley has provided us with prompts that allow us to begin to celebrate the Christmas season.  Around our house, Christmas music goes in the CD players of both cars, the house gets decorated and the holiday cooking begins.  This year there will be no exterior lights.  You see, we have sold our house and will be moving in January, so we are limiting our celebration to the interior of the house.  Yes, we are downsizing a bit and simplifying our lives somewhat.  Enough about us, it's time for some photos!
 For the Christian there can be no doubt that the source of our Joy at this time of year is the birth of the Savior.  It has been said many time that "Jesus is the reason for the season", and that is the absolute truth.  

These little angels are candle holders.  They have been in our family for over sixty years.  There are several items that serve as Christmas decorations that have now been a part of our family for three or four generations.  
The ornaments on our main tree come in all shapes and sizes, but the colors are pretty much limited to red, green and gold.  We're pretty traditional that way.  Last year my wife did the living room in gold and silver.  It was stunning, but she decided to return to tradition and I can't really argue with the results.

There are two trees in our home this year.  We have had as many as four.  This is the main tree in the living room.  It stands at nine feet tall, before you put the topper on it.  Now you know why I can't argue with the decision to return to a red, green and gold theme.  Still, my favorite tree in the house is...
  this narrow six and a half foot tree in the sitting area.  It is decorated with photo ornaments of the four grand kids.  The oldest photo will turn eighteen this year and the girl in the image is now a freshman in college.  There are also a few ornaments on this tree that are handmade and some that are now four generations old. Every time I look at this tree I am reminded of the joy of the season, the importance of family, and the bond that we have in Christ.  If we had room for no other tree, I would pick this one to put up because it is a source of great joy.
These ornaments are exactly the reason that I love this tree and they come in a variety of shapes.  For the sake of defining the limits of the tree, we have decided to take photos of each of the grand kids until they turn eighteen.  That means that this year will be the final year for the oldest grand daughter to have her photo taken and an ornament placed on the tree.  The grandson still has six more years of posing ahead of him.  Weill, that it for this week.  And now, a little music.

2014 Christmas Music Marathon - Day 10



  1. As we have got older our trees have got smaller. You have captured the Christmas spirit well.

  2. I remember both of these trees. You sure do the decorating up right. We don't put anything up anymore. We keep falling. Not good. So, it's safer not to go there.

    Loved the first video. How fun. The second one is great too. I've not heard him before.

    Have a blessed Sunday my friend. :)

  3. I figured you had sold your house from last weeks post. What a sweet idea for that second tree.

  4. I didn't see you link on Ashley's blog but I saw your comment on someone else's blog and thought I'd best see if you posted for SHS and you did.
    Great set. Your manger is really niceand yes the focus of Christmas for Christians. Those little white angels just melted my heart. I love old things like that and have some myself.
    Wow more then 1 tree that would be something. Both are quite lovely. We have just 1 and I fill it with tons of ornaments of all kinds.
    I like the shape ornaments on your one special tree, it's a great way to be reminded of family.

  5. Your house is looking festive! I like the spirit there!