Saturday, January 9, 2016

Movie Time

December and January seem to be the months that my wife and I see the most movies.  We really don't go to the cinema all that often, but we've been three times since Christmas. Like most of the rest of the Universe, we went to see Star Wars, The Force Awakens right after Christmas. It is a great family action movie. It does hurt a little to see Carrie Fisher and nearly 40 years after the first Jedi adventure. Most of the audience was not born when Return of the Jedi was released. George Lucas is no longer associated with the franchise so J.J. Abrams, of Avatar fame, directed this episode. Now that the force is awake, we will have to see what happens next.

Next up, was Bond, James Bond. Again most of the audience was not born when Sean Connery played the role of 007 in Goldfinger. I really like Daniel Craig in the role and I like where the series has gone.  The stories are much more action and much less spoof than the originals. There is some speculation that this was Craig's last 007 performance. Only time will tell. I have to say that the one connection to the original Bond movies was 007's ability to shoot a helicopter out of the sky with a 9mm pistol. "Nice shootin' Tex.

After Sci-Fi and Action/Adventure it was time for a reality check. We went to see Concussion starring Will Smith in a role that will most likely garner him an Oscar nomination. The story is based on the research that lead to the NFL lawsuit. The saddest part of this movie was the number of players from the Pittsburg Steelers glory years that died from the results of years and years of concussions. Several Hall of Famers are among the victims. It is amazing, looking back, the way we were coached to play the game would get you thrown out of the game today. Everyone knew that the helmet was a weapon, and we were coached to lead with our head. That's just the way it was in the 60's. This is a great film and should be on your list of must see movies.

So, have you seen any good movies lately?

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  1. Goo reviews! I saw Star Wars with my grandsons and enjoyed it, and today my husband and I saw Revenent, which will probably get Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar nomination. Now I'll add Concussion to my list of movies I want to see.