Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let it Snow!

Parts of Northwest Arkansas woke up this morning to what would soon be the biggest snowfall in the history of the state!  We got about 12'-15" at our house, but further south, the accumulation topped 24".  Needless to say, I stayed home.  The snow plow did make it to the street at the top of our hill this morning, so I will probably go to work tomorrow.  In the mean time, here's how the day went.
 About 8:30 this morning the grill on my back deck looked like this.  No smoked pork loin tonight.  I wonder how the front yard looks.
Oh, this isn't good.  I guess I better get out the snow shovel a little later and start digging out.

Well, I got the driveway clean.  I have a neighbor who usually brings his lawn tractor down, with a blade on it, but the snow is just too deep for that.  However, he did come down and furnish some manual labor to help me finish.  My wife stepped out into the garage to snap this photo of me as I was about half way through with the driveway cleaning.

The birds were certainly happy that I reloaded the feeders.  When there is 15" of snow on the ground, they don't mind sharing the food.  Today, there was quite a variety of feathered friends.  That big rascal on the right is a Pilliated Woodpecker.  As you can see, he is huge!  He looks like the original prototype for "Woody Woodpecker".
Tomorrow, I'll attempt to make the 14 mile drive to the office.  Wish me luck.  There should be more photo opportunities then.  Stay safe and stay warm, where ever you are. 


  1. Yikes! Some great shots though. I love your neighborhood. I can't see any other house but yours and that's a plus.

    Have fun in the snow. Big hug. :)

  2. Great shots. You have a handsome house. I bought a new smoker yesterday and first up is pork loin this weekend.

    It is nice to have helpful neighbors. I stayed home myself this weekend.

    I love your woodpecker. I haven't seen any at our feeders. I also love your female cardinal. The feeders have been a source of amusement for me during my time here during the snow impoundment.

  3. Your snowfall looked beautiful. We had a lot, too, but I am ever so glad to see it almost all gone after two weeks of hanging around! At least we didn't get all the ice we've had in years past.
    Great pictures!

  4. snow does make for great photos. I love pileated woodpeckers.