Monday, February 28, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Ship it on the Frisco!

Saturday morning I found myself at a local model railroad show.  I grew up around trains and my father
worked for the Frisco Railroad for forty-two years.  So, I just had to snap this photo of a Frisco switch engine.  I am not a model railroader, but I do love looking at this stuff and there was plenty to look at.

There were several fully operational layouts on display.  By the way, this attracted kids from 3-83!  Everyone loves model trains.  There is something for everyone.
There were all sorts of toys and collectible items.  There even items from real trains, like signal lanterns and dishes, playing cards, and matchbooks.  I've got some of these items.  I'll share them with you a little later.
 There were a number of model builders present.  Some of these guys are simply phenomenal.  I have never seen such detail and realism.  I cannot imagine the number of hours that it took to construct this building.  These builders have techniques for aging things that must take years to perfect.  As an architect, who has built a few models in my day, these are simply amazing.  I think I could get into this side of model making.

There were also several different scales represented.  I don't know what scale these figures are, but they are much larger than the first building.  Still, they are very nicely done.

Somebody's doing a little early Christmas shopping.  Like I told ya, everybody loves model trains.  They bring out the kid in all of us.  Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone.


  1. I love model trains. I don't have a hankering to own one or make a model I just love looking at the stuff.

  2. The model railroads are cool, and the big trains are even more inspiring, for me. Nice Ruby Tuesday.

  3. Very cool! I never had a model train when i was a kid, but I sure wanted one.

  4. My boys would love that. Beautiful shots. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

    Mine's here.

  5. Hi Driller ~~ You made a wonderful find with this model railroad. I like trains though I never did have an electric one. Mrs. Jim's father also worked for the railroad, the Burlington.

    Happy RT! It has been a while since I posted for Mary and her bunch so it nice to be back to see you and yours.

  6. The detailing of the locomotives, cars and town scenes is wonderful. All I have to do is squint a bit and I feel as if I am in the fictional town layout. Outstanding details! Perhaps Santa is an engineer of trains as well as hoofed animals...

  7. Great RT thought as well! :)