Sunday, November 30, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2014 Christmas Music Marathon - Day 3

 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week Scavenger Hunt Sunday has given us the opportunity to post five of our favorite images.  Since I didn't do a true Thanksgiving themed post on Thursday, I'll post those images now.

 Since Thanksgiving is all about family, I thought that a group photo would be appropriate.  We have never had a photo taken with all of us in front of the house, ever!  There is a specific reason for this photo and I may explain it at a later date.

Wednesday afternoon the grand crew came out and spent the night.  It's always a joy when this whole crew is in the same place at the same time and that is getting harder to accomplish.  The oldest is now a freshman in college.  The next is a freshman in high school, the youngest grand daughter is in junior high and the grandson is in middle school.  What is that they are holding, you might ask.

Nana always has a group activity for them and this year it was baking and decorating gobbler cupcakes.  All of the kids like spending time with Nana in the kitchen and a fun activity like this never grows old, even for the college freshman.  There is a lot of time spent in the kitchen around Thanksgiving making high calorie treats.
The oldest grand daughter helped Nana make this pumpkin pie while the youngest grand daughter made and applied the decoration.  She made a template for the leaves, rolled out the dough, cut the shapes, applied the sprinkles. then baked and applied to the pie.

This year Nana decided to take a page from the Pioneer Woman cookbook and bake a Caramel Apple Pie with Pecans.  We're still calculating the calorie count on this masterpiece.  This is my wife's favorite time of the year.  She loves being in the kitchen making special dishes for her family.  Thanksgiving and Christmas give her all of the reasons that she needs to spend time in her favorite place, expressing her love to her family through her cooking.  We are the most grateful recipients of that love.  Well, that's it for my Scavenger Hunt.  Stay tuned, or continue reading for day three of my annual Christmas Music Marathon.  Have a blessed day.

2014 Christmas Music Marathon - Day 3

For the past several years November 4th has been celebrated by some as Blog Blast For Peace. I have participated most years. It gives me a chance to show, through scripture, that peace is the will of God. The purpose of the birth of Christ was so that there might be "Peace on earth and good will toward men." Before peace can come to this world, it must come to the heart of each individual. When the Holy Spirit of God lives in us, we possess a "peace that passes understanding" and when we refuse to accept Christ as our savior, peace will never truly be ours. Still, in a nation that is filled with violence, unrest, evil, crime, corruption, greed, arrogance, and pride, there is a heart cry for peace. May peace visit your heart this season.


  1. Great pics, I always enjoy getting a report on the grandkids. That PW Caramel Pie is delicious, I can tell from the pic plus Heather makes it every now and then.

  2. Every photo is lovely, fun,delicious and complete with perfectly adorable smiles too!

  3. Love all the shots and that last pie looks like it's about a 1000 calories per bite. Yummy.

    Love the video as always.

    Have a blessed Sunday my friend. ☺

  4. Wonderful shot of the grandkids. I have done oreo turkeys in the past-the oreo is the base and body of the turkey that you stick the candy corn feathers on.

  5. Your family photo is great, and so is the one of the grandchildren. They seem to be having a good time together. The desserts look delicious!