Saturday, November 15, 2014

Southern Raised

Last night the Senior Adult ministry of our church had their Thanksgiving banquet.  Our musical guests was the Gospel contemporary bluegrass band Southern Raised.  My wife and I have a special connection to this talented set of sisters and their baby brother.  Twenty years ago my wife and I taught the young married Bible Study group in our church.  The parents of Southern Raised were in our class.  It was great to see the entire family and they are extremely talented.
After the concert we got a picture taken with the group.  Little brother is on the far left and his poster image is photo bombing his sisters.  Next is the father of this group, then myself, the mother of these talented young adults, my wife, and finally the three older sisters.

These youngsters are classically trained musicians.  A little over seven years ago, they decided to play contemporary bluegrass gospel.  They picked up the instruments, learned how to sing and now they are an award winning group.  If you ever get the chance to see them in person, please do.  You will have a great time and you'll be amazed at the depth of their talent.  They are musicians, vocalists, and songwriters.  Here are a couple of examples of their talent.


  1. Beautiful music! Thanks for posting..I listened to all the songs!

  2. I'll keep my eye out for them locally. I watched the first video and it is lovely.

  3. The first one was bittersweet.

    The second one was calming and lovely.

    The third one showed their talent and then some. Excellent.

    Have a blessed Sunday. :)