Saturday, November 1, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Trick or Treat

While the prompts for this week are definitely skewed toward Halloween, I have decided to take one of the prompts and build a theme around it.  I chose "Fall Colors".  I know, it's a bit of a stretch, but bear with me.

Dress Up
Here in Northwest Arkansas the fall colors begin to appear around mid-October and peak before the second week in November.  This year Halloween week-end is supposed to be the best time to see the fall colors.  The first hard freeze of the year was on Halloween when temperatures dropped into the mid-twenties.  In honor of the season, even the Bald Cypress "Dress Up" in their best Autumn attire.

When the foliage decides to get all dressed up for fall the result is eye candy for every one.  Whether you view the tree from a distance or get  up close and personal, the colors are just wonderful.

 Fall Colors
While most of us associate a cemetery with all things spooky, the beauty of fall colors invades even this final resting place.

Trick or Treat
When Halloween rolls around there are no tricks. The fall foliage is always a treat for the senses.  Often times the skies are crystal clear and provide an incredible background for the colors of the season.
  Photographers Choice
I think that is is probably my favorite tree in all of Benton County, Arkansas during the fall.  It is nearly perfectly shaped, it sits alone in a pasture, and when it decides to put on it's fall outfit, the show is spectacular.  This year is the best that it has looked in three or four years partly because we have had ample rain, which means that the grass is still green on Halloween.  Have a blessed Sunday and as we say here in the South, "Happy Fall y'all!"


  1. I love your take this week. Fall colors are breathtakingly beautiful and so is your photography.

    Have a blessed day. :)

  2. Beautiful photos of some beautiful colors...:)

  3. Great shots Driller!! It is amazing what effect that less than 200 miles and some elevation change has on the timing of Fall color. We are still just barely turning color here.

    I also have my favorite tree. It is in a city park and like yours is perfectly shaped and makes for great Fall color. I checked it yesterday and it is just barely turning.

    On your leaf shots. Is the first one poison ivy? I am not sensitive to it but I understand that one can lose your tolerance all at once. so I still avoid it. Probably looking at photos of it won't hurt though?;)

  4. Gorgeous interpretations Driller! Without little ones in the house I struggled with the Halloween slant. But I bought some candy anyway and made it work. Luckily I have a donkey that likes dress-up, too.

  5. Your "Photog's Choice" is just brilliant!

  6. Beautiful colors in all the shots.

  7. You did an amazing job using a "theme" around the hunt prompts. Simply gorgeous color everywhere. I enjoyed it very much.

  8. You captured some beautiful fall color photos! I'm hoping to be able to get some now that we have had a freeze here.