Monday, June 15, 2015

Fun With Filters

I spent a few minutes this morning playing with the filters in PhotoShop Elements 13. My base image is a rose from our garden. The plant is a cutting I took from my parents house before the final estate sale several years ago. It was my mother's favorite color of rose.

 This is the original image.  I took it into PhotoShop Elements 13 and tweaked it just a bit.

Next I added the "color pencil" filter and brightened a couple of the colors.  I really like the effect that this filter has on most images.  Of course you can convert the image to black & white if you like or go to a pen and ink filter as well.

 The graphic pen is an interesting filter.  But I went back to the original image, converted it to black & White, then applied the bas relief filter.  You can even change the direction that the light is coming from.  In the image above the light source is coming from the  upper right.  In the image below the light source is distributed across the bottom of the image.

That's it for this edition of "Fun with Filters".


  1. Wow, this is really cool. Wouldn't know where to begin, but sure enjoy seeing others works of art.

    Have a blessed day and week. ☺