Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Inspiration Thursday

Fun With Filters

One of the things in this life that inspires me is photography.  Most of the time I pursue excellence in the image.  I try to capture a great image, then take it home, open it in PhotoShop Elements 13 and attempt to enhance the image further.  When I get it right, I am inspired to move forward and pursue different types of images.  But there are times when I just like to sit in front of the screen and play with a few of the filters in PhotoShop Elements.  Here are a couple examples.

Here is the original image.  It has been enhanced and cropped to 8x10 format.

Here is the filtered image.  I added a little distortion to create something similar to a painting.  If you click on the images to enlarge them, the changes are more evident.

Here is the original image.  It is a bust of Alexander Hamilton.
Three filters later and it is difficult to identify the subject but the effect of the filters make the image really different.  In this case not necessarily better, but certainly unique.  So, what inspires you?

Music is always a source of inspiration fore me.  It reminds me that the One who lives in me is greater than the one who lives in this world.

Music also reminds me that regardless of my past, regardless of my insecurities, and fears, that by faith, through the grace of God and His redemption of this sinful soul, in His eyes, I am now flawless.  Have a blessed day.


  1. I've always loved your photography. Very much.

    I love your videos too. You have great taste in music.

    Have a blessed day my friend. ☺

  2. I, too, love to play in different photo editing's just a lot of fun.
    I take a lot of photos of food...that's where my interest lies in photography. I don't have a good camera...only a hundred dollar point and shoot....but I still have fun with it.
    Your photos are great.....

  3. Your photos are amazing! Gorgeous photography.

  4. I love playing with images also. As you point out sometimes what I come up with is not necessarily better than what I started with but I had fun on the way.