Monday, June 29, 2015

Let Freedom Ring - Day 1

This week leads to the celebration of the Independence Day. If we learn anything from this celebration, it should be that freedom is not free. It comes with a price, and that price is the blood of men and women who stand in harms way to protect the lifestyle that we, all too often take for granted. I have decided to do a mini-music marathon in honor of Independence Day. I love patriotic music. More often than ever before, these songs bring a tear to my eye and fill my heart with pride. May we never forget the source of our freedom comes from our Creator and the instruments of that freedom are our men and women in uniform.  Enjoy the music, celebrate the day, and give thanks for the privilege of living in the greatest country in the world.


  1. They bring a tear to my eye too. I'm extremely patriotic.

    Have a blessed day and Independence Day my friend. ☺

  2. I have never seen a display of the American flag like this before. Most impressive. A powerful post.

    1. The display is in the George W. Bush Presidential Library on the campus of SMU in Dallas, TX. It is a great place to visit.