Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015 Christmas Music Marathon Day 27

 Every year I spend a little time photographing Christmas ornaments on our tree. This year we traveled to the home of my wife's sister and her husband a few days before Christmas, so I spent a few moments photographing these ornaments. Most trees have a lot of bright, shiny ornaments of all colors, and this tree is no different. However, there are these ornaments. They were crocheted by my wife's mother. They are simple. They say Christmas and you can see the love that went into each piece.

Christians are a lot like Christmas ornaments. Some are bright and shiny. They are out in front of every event at church. There is no doubt that some things would never get done without them. Then there are those Christians that are a lot like the crocheted ornaments. They are simple, and quiet, but they are a part of a much greater story. They support every activity in the ministry without much fanfare, but you can see the love in everything they do.

The Bible tells us that Christians are members of the Body of Christ. Each of us has a part in the ministry of the church and there is a need for every member of that body. Not all of us need to be the hands. Not all of us need to be the brains. We simply need to remember that Christ is the Head of the church and we are the parts that do the will of the Head. I have to say, there have been times when God called me to be a shiny ornament. Now He has given me content with the role of the crocheted ornament but He has never given any of us the role of an unused ornament.


  1. There are lots of members of the church who sign up for the humble tasks and don't say much. Everybody has a part to play.

    That phrase in the first song I love "all creation growns" I love it.

  2. Those ornaments are awesome. Handmade is always so much nicer.

    I so love all the videos you post. I think my favorite today is the last one.

    Have a blessed day my friend. ☺

  3. Awesome and sweet caring ornaments. I have one at the top of our tree!
    Have a blessed Christmas.